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Ever wondered why you can easily reblog someone else's tumblr but not being able to do it with your own?. Fortunately someone managed to write some code so you can Reblog Yourself on Tumblr (and yes, your own NAME will appear on the post!!!).
How to Reblog Your Own Post on Tumblr

1. Right Click on the bookmarklet link below and choose "Bookmark this link" (I didn't see that option in the Chrome Browser, so use Firefox or Explorer)
2. Now, once you are on one of the posts of yours that you want to reblog (not the dashboard, but the article itself ) Click on the Reblogging bookmark you just saved and you will be taken to the reblogging edition screen.

That's it, remove the dust from your archives and reblog yourself on Tumblr !!.

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Sarah Grace

Thanks! btw for google chrome you just click & hold the "REBLOG" & drag it onto your bookmarks bar. Then when you want to reblog you go onto whatever photo it is you want to reblog & then click the reblog bookmarklet :)