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=============== UPDATE ===============

This version is no longer working.

Here is a working version:


This is an alternative to my other bookmarklet, which uses an alert box. This one uses a prompt dialog instead, which may make it easier to copy the URL.

See also my Firefox extension, which copies the URL directly to your clipboard at the touch of a button.

You can use my API to develop your own software.

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Hi Matthew - I've updated my blog post ( ) to show this new bookmarklet - Thanks for the fix - It works in my Iron Chrome browser now, previously it did not.


Abruptly stopped working for me in both Chrome and Iron. The alert-box bookmarklet still works though.


This is as of 7/11/2010, by the way.


On second thought, even the alert box one has stopped working on any page except this one.


I get:
error_message:"Quota exceeded"

Sounds like it's too popular?

Might not be a bad idea to email Matt over at

Far too popular..

Good while it lasted.

I think I'll look at your code to see if I can develop something on my own that is less likely to be ruined by it's own popularity. ;)

Thanks for the head-start and good luck!


Was working fine in both Chrome and Firefox 4 Beta 6, but suddenly stopped working altogether in both (as of 11/18/10). Deleted both, reapplied, still not working.


Well, as of today (11.19.10), I reinstalled in FF 4 Beta 7, and it's working again. Also in Chrome.


This bookmarklet may work on and and off. The problem is that it relies on a free Google apps account and the quota is usually exceeded. It is a victim of its own success.

A solution is this alternative bookmarklet:

It may not be as elegant (you must leave the current page), but it doesn't suffer from any limitations.