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Objb (more)


Share and Bookmark any webpages to 200+ services easier and faster. (more)

Amazon URL Shortener

Takes you to the shortest possible Amazon product URL. (more)

Buy Doom

Have you ever heard that video games helps to increase concentration power? Yes!! It is very true that playing video games Improves concentration power and helps to improve better hand eye c... (more)


Fluff up the internet!Internet getting you down? Tired of reading tales of doom and disaster? Ever wanted to cheer yourself up by looking at floofy kittins? Of course you have. And now you c... (more)

DriverIdentifier - download without account

Download a driver listed on without creating an account. (more)

test title

test description (more)

Jira subtask (with Test and Demo)

Jira subtask (with Test&Demo) (more)

Matchmaking Sites

The dating sites consist of sensitive information of individuals, that should be well protected. Hence one should always go through weblink before joining a dating site. One should assure th... (more)

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