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Flip YT

Mirror-flips YouTube video (back and forth) if HTML5 player is used. (more)

Can Alkaline Water Cure or Fight Cancer

I love Alkaline water, its so good for you. But can it cure cancer or lupus? (more)

Male size chart

Have you ever wondered how big things are these days? Here is a male chart I found on the web: (more)

Bra Size Chart

Its frustrating trying to figure out a bra size. This chart helps some. (more)


dfsfd (more)


Adds rain to the page.By the way, I made this one myself, so I just put my web site as "Source Link". (more)

Buy Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 consist of modes previously known to battlefield players that includes rush and conquest. Buy Battlefield 1 and enjoy the game with your friends. (more)


Hgdfgvfgfa (more)




A cross platform cross browser multi purpose tool for web developers, designers & webmasters: explore technologies in a website, manipulate web page content, extract data and more, all in a ... (more)

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