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Gravity Destruction

Destroy the webpage you are on, throw stuff around, etc. (more)

Citazione Biblica

Versetti della Bibbia, Versione Riveduta/Luzzi. (more)

Youtube MP3 Pro

Download the mp3 audio file extracted from a youtube video. (more)

Test with Pingdom

Test and analyze your website's speed and performance. (more)

Test with GTmetrix

Get a complex performance raport for your website. (more)

Alexa Rank

Get the ranking for the website you are curently on. (more)

Site info - builtwith

Get information about how it's built the website you are on. (more)

Bitly Short Url

Your long url will magically became shorter. (more)

HTML5 Keyboard

Virtual Onscreen HTML5 Keyboard (more)

Download Video

Download video from youtube, facebook, dialymotion, etc. (more)

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