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Google PageSpeed

Get PageSpeed Insights for the website you are on.Andrei Telteu (@andreitelteu / (more)

Verify a PayPal account by email address

Ester the email address and Paypal will show you if that account is verifyed or not.Andrei Telteu (@andreitelteu / (more)

Short URL and QR Code Bookmarklet

Creates a Short URL and a QR Code for the website being visited. (more)


bookmarklet (more)

List all links

Kimberly ann collins, bookmarklets by owner Kimberly Ann collins (more)

Add to Google Bookmarks

This bookmarklet adds the current page to your Google Bookmarks collection. (more)

Download PDF

Web2PDF Convert - Save Site as PDFdeveloped by Baltsoft Software.This bookmarklet will convert any web page to PDF format -- allowing you to download any web page as a document. Perfect for... (more)


How many kilowatt-hours in... ?Many energy units exist. Are you tired of ever using Google, or other conversion sites?With this boookmarklet you don't need to open a new page or tab. Just se... (more)

ManCrates prod print order

Print order of products (more)

Mancrates print product order V2

Print order of mancrates products (more)

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