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Flutter Selector

Flutter Selector extracts a unique CSS selector for any element on any page. Just open the bookmark and click on the element you are interested in. (more)


Unblock websites by proxy (more)


A book marklet to toggle remote styles. (more)

InVision Spec Image

Open an InVision spec image in a new tab to avoid the annoying InVision interface (more)

Show DownVote Buttons - Reddit

Show downvote buttons on subreddits that have downvotes hidden. (more)

Youtube Show more comments

Auto clicks show more (more)

Youtube load more fixx

youtube (more)


Nukemup (more)

Currency Magician

Converts amounts from foreign currencies to US $. Easy interface. Over 20 currencies instantly recognized and exchanged. Use: No copy/paste! Just select / highlight with the mouse the amount... (more)


A seizure for the price of one click! (more)

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