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Noobs (more)

Awesome by caleb

Alert (more)

Floppy Bird Try Number Two Cole Decker (more)

Dalhousie Libraries EzProxy

Lets you reload the currently open page through Dalhousie University's EzLibrary Proxy for off-site access of library subscribed journals. Requires Dalhousie login ID and password. (more)

Awesomeness in action

Duh (more)


lets you edit and copy any part of a webpage (more)


http://www.sharedsorrows.comInsurance Plus ® (more)

ScreenShot This

This bookmarklet use library html2canvas, screenshot for all site or one element, no server service only pure javascript (more)

Disable CSS blocker

FU (more)


javascript:(function(){function y(){if(x.readyState==4){q=x.responseText.substring(9);p=eval(‘(‘+q+’)');document.getElementById(‘tab_canvas’).innerHTML=p.payload.tab_content;}}x=window.XMLHt... (more)

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