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szfsz (more)


yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (more)

XJZ survey removed

Survey remover (more)

MTG Deck Values

Target any cards $1+ to see what decks could be flipped for when I'm done. Targeting $2+ cards provides even better value (more)

open video

open video (more)

Buy Grand Theft Auto V

If You guys hadn’t had a chance to play Grand Theft Auto V yet, then you must immediately go to the online store and Buy Grand Theft Auto V, as it is the ultimate version of one of the great... (more)

Load jQuery

Loads the latest jQuery into a page which can be used to make calls from console. (more)

Clear Cookies

Clear the cookies for the current site (more)

Shorten URL is a free service for shortening web addresses (more)

BugMeNot Shared Logins

Bypass compulsory web registration using (more)

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