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Expand CodinGame Right Blocks

Expand CodinGame Right Blocks (more)

How to Become Successful at Sit and Go Tournaments

This tells us how one can be successful at Sit and Go tournaments (more)


I Don't really care (more)


It's a nice little tool that allows you to play around with jQuery on a page that doesn't already have jQuery loaded and see the results immediately. Based on feedback from others, I've upda... (more)


Igstatz is a tool that let s you generate statistics about any instagram account. (more)

Five ways to Combat a Poker Downstring

This tells us the different ways in which one cancombat poker downstring. (more)

Wholesale Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most demanded fashion accessory in summer. They not only protect the eyes from the harmful sun's rays, but also act as a style statement. They must be worn all year... (more)


youtube (more)

Javascript Read-Eval-Print-Loop

launches a js REPLMobile users rejoice! (more)

Javascript Eval

Mobile people rejoice,Evaluates JS expressions in window context (more)

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