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DV Script

Downvote script (more)

VirusTotal to Prefetch

This will turn a virustotal analysis page into a BigFix Prefetch (more)

Freelancing How to Ensure You Get Paid in Time

There are certain things that you can make sure, which will lead to you getting paid on time always. Be observant and look out for slightest oddities when you take up a project. (more)

How to Generate Rakeback on Poker Rakeback

This tells us how one can register and sign up for a deal on Poke Raker and generate rakeback. (more)

instagram story download

if you wan't download instagram stories you can use (more)

FF Roll20 Bigget chat box

Increases the size of the chatbox on roll20 for text based games. (more)

How To Hire Freelancers On Gohyp

Here is what you can do on goHyP to get the best professionals for your project. (more)

Zocdoc Clone Script | Practo Clone Script

Zocdoc Clone is a one-stop panel for Patients, Specialists, and Clinics/Hospitals/Home Healthcare Providers. This practo clone platform allows doctors, patients, clinics & hospitals to commu... (more)


no (more)

Four Tips to Improve your Poker Game

This talks about the various ways in which one can improve their poker game. It talks about all the possible ways in which one can earn money through poker. (more)

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