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Make Links Unclickable

/* Makes links jump around while users try to touch them. Note: Changes the margin, therefore also often shifts other elements on the page */function r(l) {return Math.floor(Math.random... (more)

Critical Path

Gets the Above The Fold CSS (more)

select all

select all coupons all at once (more)

Clear AFR

Slide the subscription box sideways so you can see the content underneath it.Note: this does not bypass the AFR's login system or reveal any data that has not already been downloaded to your... (more)

Unlock AFR

Push the AFR's nagging dialogue box sideways so that you can more clearly read the article. (more)

Kata kata Cinta dalam Hadis Rasulullah

Beberapa kata-kata cinta yang sangat populer dikalangan umat Islam sering diambil dari ayat-ayat Alquran dan hadis Rasulullah, ada juga ungkapan para ulama. Selengkapnya Hadis Rasulullah (more)

Promote Business Blog online

Whether you have already taken your business online or still looking for a best promotional solution for your business. We know that promoting your website is crucial to your success. (more)

LA Times Paywall Overlay Remover

Removes the paywall overlay from the Los Angeles Times website and allows the user to scroll the window again. (more)


D3 (more)

IITC for Windows7 Safari

IITC Overlay for Ingress Intel Map (more)

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