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Builders Festival offer ride high on real estate industry and customers

The builders across India introduces many offers, but one among those would be quite interesting like festive offers which reaches maximum ROI for all the builders and makes huge profit in t... (more)

Dreamz Infra India Reviews - Dreamz GK Complaints

Dreamz aims in providing their dream homes to clients. They offer the best deals in town. Dreamz give class and comfort at the same time in all their properties. (more)


It's a nice little tool that allows you to play around with jQuery on a page that doesn't already have jQuery loaded and see the results immediately. Based on feedback from others, I've upda... (more)

Cookie clicker

cookie clicker addon (more)

View on Pricenoia

Click this bookmarklet when you are on an Amazon product page and it will take you to the Pricenoia page for that product. (more)

Music Box

Basic tones to make a tune, kind of sounds like making music with dial tones on phone. Just click the numbers and then play! Generates a stream of audio, like a music box. Safari has an issu... (more)

Text To Speech

Drag mouse over text in page to select, then push this bookmarklet to hear crude text to speech using only pure Javascript! More for entertainment purposes, but the voice does sound neat mix... (more)


Turns the page into a Theremin.WIKI:The theremin /'??r?m?n/,[1] therr-?-min; originally known as the ætherphone/etherphone, thereminophone[2] or termenvox/thereminvox is an early electronic ... (more)


Here's an editable HTML5 notepad where users can enter a list of to-do items, with those items automatically persisted on the user's hard drive, so any changes are always saved. We make use ... (more)


HTML5 notepad app Auto-saves every 500 ms. & on close, in 5 lines of javascript, HTML5 rocks! (ok, I added a polyfill, to support older browsers, so it's a lil' more than that.) autosave onc... (more)

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