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Auto Summarize

Uses to generate a 7-sentence summary of the webpage you're on. Useful if you just want a tl;dr of whatever you're looking at. (more)

QR Codify

Use's Google's API to generate a QR code for the webpage you're on. (more)

SF Del All

Deletes all items in Salesforce Classic list view (such as workflows, outbound messages, scheduled jobs). (more)


When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket. (more)

Coupe menstruelle pas cher

There have been reports of yeast infection but such incidents were caused by poor maintenance of the washable menstrual cup. Otherwise, the menstrual cup has proven to be completely safe for... (more)

WeBWork = Symbolab

Must have WeBWorK display equations as imagesUse bookmarklet and any image with 'equations' in the src of the image with an alt text will open Symbolab solver page with the alt text sent. Th... (more)

serch (more)

Aquaristic online

Aquaristic Online provide the best fish food and accessories for the aquariums. (more)

Internet marketing company

In today's competitive world ,hiring an online marketing company that specializes in developing digital marketing strategies for your website has become crucial . (more)

Tom Anderson

Login as Tom Anderson (more)

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