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QA Testing India

Parikshalabs is one of an offshore software testing company in India that offers Smart phone apps Testing, Software testing, QA testing and Quality Assurance services by highly dedicated and... (more)


Ad block removes "java, flash, background music, and third-party iframes." Thus it does a handy job of blocking the ads on a webpage. who says only firefox addon block ads ? Chrome too has a... (more)

HTML5 Audio Player


Meme Any Site MARKLET VERSION 1.5a------------------------------------------------------- This is a bookmarklet to allow creation of a meme image from any website you are visiting. You can... (more)

InDesign Plugin Development India

Parikshalabs offers unique world class InDesign plugin development Services. Our customers are fully satisfied by our deeply experienced resources. (more)


its a website (more)

Marklet Maker

A tool to help making future bookmarks (more)

HTML Live Tester

Pops open a 2 pane window, one for adding HTML code (CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc) and the other to view live your changes..... (more)

Remove the applied subreddit stylesheet

Removes the href attribute of the css for the custom subreddit style (more)

Inject HTML Code

This marklet will inject HTML code to the top of the page you are on. (more)

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