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Real Estate News and Reviews

Indian Real Estate Reviews is an online real estate forum in India where people can post their feedback and comments to their respective realtors by which they owned the house. Aim of the we... (more)


For auto updating trades. (more)

YouTube Mobile Player to Embedded Player

This bookmarklet converts a YouTube mobile player address to the YouTube embedded player address -- i.e. to enabl... (more)

Clear localStorage

Help the user to clear his localStorage (more)

Optimizely Set Test Cookie

As described here: force a specific experiment variation, use the method de... (more)


WishMindr is a free wish list maker that allows you to add gifts from any site. You can share wish lists with friends using the sharing buttons or setup email reminders for them that will be... (more) autobet autobet (more)

Degenderfier 2

Replaces gendered pronouns with neutral ones. (more)


Sites with pages like page101.htm, page102.htm, page103.htm or a query like page=1, page=2, page=3, etc will increment up one with this bookmarklet (more)

Get soundcloud artwork fullsize

The new soundcloud website has no link to see a track or album's artwork, and crops it all weird. Use this bookmarklet to get the original image. (more)

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