PwnYouTube Bookmarklet

Download a YouTube video from any web page.

Save a YouTube video as an MP3 file, iPod file, FLV file, MP4 file, AVI file, and more!

Support for Google Video,,,,,,,, and MANY ADULT SITES. More sites added soon.

Also works on any public webpage containing a YouTube video.

Will also add old style video rating stars back to the video page, related videos list, and search results!

What is a Bookmarklet

To use: Browse to a page with a video and click the bookmarklet.

Update: Now supports direct downloads from,,,,,,,,,, and (Supports indirect downloading from many other porn sites as well).

Use the big blue bookmarklet button below, or get the bookmarklet from here:

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This works really well, as of 6 August 2010, at any rate.


Nice!! :D


Not working now 11/4/2010


There was a temporary problem but was fixed 11/8/2010 (November 8). For updates you can follow