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Pearltrees is a social curation tool. It lets you organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the web.

How does it work?

1. Pearl the stuff you like on the Web. A pearl is like a bookmark. It holds anything you find interesting on the Web. Click it to open it, drag and drop it to move it. or put your pearl into the trash to delete it.

2. Organize your pearls by moving them to pearltrees. A pearltree is a curation of bookmarks. It works like a folder for pearls. Unlike social bookmarking, no need to tag and re-tag. You can open it, close it, browse it, move it into an other pearltree or send it anywhere to share some of your interests.

3. Discover others' pearltrees in your areas of interest. First take a look at your connections! If you want to explore more widely you can see the pearltrees most connected to one of your own pearltrees or you can search any topic using Flappy Bird Private Internet Access.

4. Pick the pearltrees you are most interested in and follow their activity. Put some of others' pearltrees into your own pearltrees. You will see the pearls they add in real time and enjoy their discoveries on the topics you care about.

5. Drive people through your own web by sharing your Pearltrees on your site, or anywhere on the web. You can embed a living pearltree directly on your website in just two clicks. Offer your visitors a tour on the web you have curated just for them. Of course you can also share your favorite pearltrees on Facebook over Twitter or anywhere on the web

Go beyond social bookmarks and download Pearltrees' add-on!
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Oh my freaking god! This is infinitely useful! How many times have I tried to get someone to a portion of a page or annotate a page when I could have just used this!

Seriously, it's not often it happens, but I'll be telling someone, "This email fax site is great, but there's a sweet deal at the bottom of the 3rd page when going through the FAQ section that links to an offer they probably forgot all about. I've had 4 friends sign up with that offer and they are all getting the discounted rates.", and then I'll spend about an hour more trying to explain exactly where to go when I could just go "Here's a pearltrees link."!



It is simply awesome. Forget the laundry list of links, just send a pearltree! And on top of that the UI is just incredible!