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Work around New York Times 20 article limit

I hadn’t realized that that NYTimes.com is blocking access after 20 articles/month for Canadians. Fortunately, though, they’re just putting some cruft in front of the article, so if you’d still like to read it, you can drag the following bookmarklet onto your bookmarks toolbar.

And click it any time nytimes.com blocks you on a page. It does nothing on any other website, but clicking it on a blocked NYTimes article will show the content as usual.

Edit: Wow, I’ve gotten thousands of hits since this went up yesterday, especially considering this was a lunchtime project like flappybird — You just can’t see a wall like this without wondering how you can get around it. I love the New York Times, don’t say that I forced you to not pay for it.

Needs update. As of March 19, 2013 no longer works.

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Disappointed Diva

not working anymore guys!!

Blue Boy

Works for me! Wonderful.


I just took a try,it works,thank you very much!