Tired of keeping track of all your bookmarklets? We have a solution. With the new bookmarklet you can search for and use the bookmarklet you need without leaving the website you're visiting. Now you only need to save one bookmarklet and with one click you'll have access to the internets largest bookmarklet database. Check it out.

Below is a link to the bookmarklet. The bookmarklet will open a small element on the page which will allow you to search By clicking on a result you will run that bookmarklet on the page you are currently visiting.

Please leave comments and/or suggestions below. Thanks.

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Great idea!! Thanks!


best around as far as ideas go


Please make the bookmarklet blue less bright, match with the website theme blue.

Patrick Mackaaij

Good idea!

A few things I noticed:
1. Selected text doesn't go through. See for instance the bookmarklet which uses selected text to prepopulate a tweet. Or the Evernote bookmarklet which only sends selected text to a new note.

2. It would also be nice if the searchbar would autosuggest.

3. And I noticed by searching for "" the bookmarklet named exactly like that was the last hit from the search.



Thanks for the comments. Your ideas are good ones and I'll try to add them soon. It's been a while since I made this bookmarklet and I think it needs some of my attention again. I'm pretty busy with a few projects right now but hope to get around to working on it more soon.

Please feel free to add any more feature suggestions!



Does not work with Opera!


Nice. A good alternative if you don't want to get GreaseMonkey.


Very handy. Thanks!


oh my god! This is the best!


Hey, this thing is so freak'n awesome!

I saw your page highlighted @Bookmarklets-The Magic Browser Add-Ons over at Hubpages and just had to try it.

I'm truly impressed!


backspace, 'i' letter and 'ctrl+a' is not working in the generated box


how do i use it


Very good