Malayalam Inscript Keyboard Bookmarklet

KeymanWeb is a virtual keyboard that embeds into any website and instantly lets you type in hundreds of languages - no need to install fonts, keyboard layouts or software on your computer!

About the bookmarklet

The KeymanWeb bookmarklet allows you to use a KeymanWeb keyboard on nearly any web page just by clicking the KeymanWeb bookmark, after the page finishes loading.

Try the bookmarklet here

You can try the Bookmarklet you just installed right here. Click the bookmarklet in the toolbar once to load it. Then click in the comment box below and start typing in the language of your choice!

Use the bookmarklet on any website

1. Load any web page, such as a search engine.
2. Click the KeymanWeb Keyboard bookmarklet in your Bookmarks toolbar or menu.
3. You may need to wait a second or two for KeymanWeb to load. Then click in the text field you wish to type into. The KeymanWeb user interface will appear and you can type in your language.

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