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I was once again changing the design of one of my websites when I realized that it would be great if I could just move things around on a page to preview the changes - without any coding. As it turns out, there is a solution to that problem: A bookmarklet and a few lines of JavaScript did the trick. Using jQuery and its UI extension, this actually turned out to be rather simple to implement.

Drag the link ("LIQUID PAGE") shown below to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. You can then use it on any web page. Simply load the page and then click the link. Please also note that there is a slight delay after clicking while some JavaScript (i.e. jQuery) is being loaded - just wait for the confirmation dialog.

By Alex Schreyer (

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Not entirely 100% perfect, but it will do!


This is seriously good. Makes testing ideas for layouts and redesigns so easy.


Donkey Kong II

As they say in ultimate, Good idea.

Marc Brando

I've known about bookmarklets for years but grew apathetic about using them due to their limited
capabilities. In having discovered this fabulous site only last week, I've come to rediscover their
new found abilities in ways I never imagined I find quite amazing.

I come by here a few times a day in search of cool stuff, the coolest thing I've seen yet is Liquid Page. It is nearly mind-boggling. I consider this site a treasure trove of wonderful, magical things to behold Thanks!


I play with every interesting program, applet, app, plugin etc... I love finding ways to do new things or to find shortcuts but am rarely surprised anymore.

I didn't believe the description. My mouth literally fell open when I started moving things around. GREAT JOB

I can't believe this isn't being talked about everywhere.