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Lawn mower maintenance is very essential and a must when owning a lawn mower.

Regardless which kind of lawn mower you own, it generally needs repair and maintenance.

The needs for maintenance varies depending on the type, style, and age of the machine.

During hot summer days, grasses are cooler of almost 10-14 degrees compared to exposed soil and 30 degrees cooler compared to concrete or asphalt.

Grasses provide oxygen and having a 50’ X 50’ well-preserved grass lawn will be enough to produce oxygen to cater the daily needs oxygen of the family composed of four.

A good lawn contributes to increasing the property value of the owner of it.

It has more than just a health-related value.

Appraisers had the estimation that a healthy and well-landscaped lawn increases the value of a residential property of about 7%.

One of the essential maintenance issues of every cheap lawn mower is to maintain the blades to be free from debris with mud, leaves, clippings, etc.

Any wet debris must be removed immediately to prevent dulling and rust off the blades.

If this will be neglected, wet debris will hinder the motion of the blades, causing inefficiency and will damage the machine.

If you own a manual reel push type mower, maintenance is simple, just maintain the mower to be clean and sharpened the blades regularly.

On the other hand, if you have a lawn mower with the engine, it is necessary to check the oil on the regular basis.

If you have a hover mower, electric mower or robotic mower, it needs to be maintained clean and free of unnecessary debris, be checked and examined at least once a year.

Nearly, all manufacturers are commonly offering free check-ups twice a year.

Some lawn mower owners prefer to replace their mowers after a span of few years to avoid the inconvenience of maintenance. While others enjoy working out the maintenance procedures themselves.

If you are not sure about the proper maintenance of your lawn mower, contact a repair or maintenance professional to maintain the optimal usage of your mower.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist

Lawn mower maintenance is important as it is necessary for all machine types.

Below are some tips on maintaining the quality of your lawn mower.

Starting with Each Season

Put an additional fresh gas.
Has the spark plug replaced?
Sharpen the blade.
The air filter must be cleaned and replaced.
Check out the oil level.
Lawn mower tires must be inflated.
After which, reconnect the spark-plug wire.

Air filter must be cleaned or changed at the interval of every 25 hours or more often if the working environment is dusty.
Apply lubricant on wheels and other moving joints after 25 hours.
Examine other parts of riding mower like the belts and chain drives.
End of the Season

Change the oil of the mower.
Drain the remaining gas or add some gas stabilizer.
Apply lubricant on the cylinder.
Clean the lawn mower thoroughly.
Lubricate with grease if necessary.
Store in a safe place.
Disconnect the spark-plug wire.
Before Each Use

Check carefully the oil and fuel levels.
Check the inflation of tires.
Check the parts if there are loose or worn areas.
Reconnect the spark plug wire.
After Each Use

Clean the mower to free it from debris and clippings. Focus on the underside of the mower and on the top of its deck.
Throughout the Season

Check the sharpness of the blades right after sharpening it.
Have the blades balanced after sharpening it?
Examine every part of the mower for the possibility of looseness and wear.
Use the right fuel and oil to avoid problems.

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