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I was so annoyed by a certain user that I created this Ignore Bookmarklet. It only works within Tesla Forum Threads right now (and I have only done cursory testing), but I like it and thought some of you would too.


I have only done cursory testing; YMMV
IE definitely does strange things, and pops "are you sure" weirdness; but it still works; you may be able to change your IE security settings (make sure to use "Trusted Sites" for Tesla Motors, and not for all sites)
It's temporary, you need to click the button every time the page loads

Read the Mozilla Bookmarklet page
Go to my Marklets: Ignore User in Tesla Forums Bookmarklet page
Scroll down to the "Ignore User in Tesla Forums Bookmarklet" link (it's a big blue box), then drag-and-drop it into your Bookmark Toolbar
I recommend renaming it to "Ignore"; I used a more descriptive name on Marklets.com, but that seems nice and short for your bar

Load a Tesla Forum Post page (need to do this on each page).
Find some text that uniquely identifies the user.
Double-click the text to select it, then copy it to your buffer (aka Clipboard)
Click the "Ignore", item in your Bookmark Toolbar
Paste the offending text into the prompt, and click okay or hit enter
Breath out

Remember how Bookmarklets work. You will need to do this for each listing page.

Source (forums.tesla.com)

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