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500+ Free Bible search bookmarklet study tools for The Holy Bible Search Engine.

Search text from over 100 different databases containing translations of the Holy Bible from the last 600 years (as far back as 1395 AD). Try a sample search for Jesus Christ. Each verse has 60 English translations (example) and 66 other languages. You have access to over 75 billion Holy Bible search bookmarklets from this page!

Free online Web 2.0 tools to help search the Holy Bible book by book, chapter by chapter or verse by verse searchable. The culmination of English translations of the Bible features full-text searchability, content-based tables of contents and a quick verse finder. Free Bibles on the Web is a bible search engine. Search the bible by passage, keyword, phrase or book in 60 different translations! Read, listen to, and search the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

http://www.HolyBibleVerse.com is a fairly new HOLY BIBLE SEARCH ENGINE project. It is so powerful and unique mostly because each of the English Holy Bibles (60 versions all together) are in one individual database (other sites have separate databases for each Bible) so we are able to combine Bibles in searches in over 1,000 ways (proof)! We can now also give much better parallel views for Bible comparing/comparisons. We are currently developing other unique tools for cross referencing and other neat features!

Bible search instantly: You will find Bible verses instantaneously, immediately seeing every verse you are looking for with any given word, group of words, or phrase. Instantly find all relevant study material by verse reference: You will research references on a Bible verse or passage quickly!

Also get the bookmarklets for 60 more English Bible translations searches: Lexham English Bible (2012 LEB), Updated King James Version (2011 UKJV), Catholic Public Domain Version (2009 CPDV), Updated Bible (2006 UB), Modern Spelling Tyndale/Coverdale Bible (2006 MSTC), Today's New International Version (2005 TNIV), ERV - Easy to Read Revised Version (2005 ETRRV), A Conservative Version (2005 ACV), New Living Translation (2004 NLT), Holman Christian Standard Bible (2004 HCSB), Complete Apostles Bible (2004 CAB), ORTHODOX JEWISH (2002 OJB), Message Bible (2002 MSG), Israeli Authorised Version (2001 ISRAV), English Standard Version (2001 ESV), Literal Translation of Holy Bible (2000 LT), Hebrew Names Version WEB (2000 HNV), English Jubilee 2000 Bible (2000 EJ), American King James Version (1999 AKJV), Third Millennium Bible (1998 TMB), Restored Name KJV (1998 RKJV), New International Readers Version (1998 NIRV), Complete Jewish Bible (1998 CJB), New English Translation (1996 NET), Revised Webster Update (1995 Webster95), New American Standard Bible (1995 NAS), Gods Word to the Nations Version (1995 GW), Complementary English Version (1995 CEV), King James 21st Century Version (1994 KJV21), ExeGeses Ready Research BIBLE (1993 ERRB), GNT - Today's English Version (Good News Bible) (1992 TEV), New Century Version (1991 NCV), New Revised Standard Version (1989 NRSV), New Jerusalem Bible (1985 NJB), Green's Literal Translation (1985 LITV), New International Version (US) (1984 NIV), New King James Version (1982 NKJV), New Life Version (1969 NLV), Amplified Bible (1965 AMP), Bible in Basic English (1964 BBE), Modern King James Version (1962 MKJV), Revised Standard Version (1952 RSV), Rotherhams Emphasized Bible (1902 REB), World English Bible (1901 WEB), American Standard Version (1901 ASV), Douay-Rheims American Bible (1899 Douay), Young's Literal Translation (1898 YLT), Darby Bible (1889-1890 Darby), English Revised Version (ERV) (1881-1885 RV), Julia E. Smith's Literal Translation (1876 SLT), King James Version (1850 KJVR), Webster Bible (1833 Webster), King James Version (1769 KJV), King James Bible (1611 KJV1611), Geneva Bible (1599 Geneva), Bishops' Bible (1568 Bishops), Tyndale (Rogers Coverdale Cranmer) (1537 Cranmer), Miles Coverdale Bible (1535 Coverdale), Tyndale Bible (1534 Tyndale), John Wycliffe (1395 Wycliffe) or find more Holy Bible bookmarklets on www.holy.bible.presearcher.com (web).

Dual English Bible Searcher @ http://www.holybiblesearch.net/searcher.asp generates over 1,500 bookmarklet combos.

Triple Parallel Search 3 Bibles @ Once: Go to http://www.holybiblesearch.net/search-triple.asp lets you generate a three bible combo search marklet of your choice. Over 30,000 possible combinations.

Quad Parallel Bible Search - Search 4 Bibles @ Once: Go to http://www.holybiblesearch.net/search-quad.asp and you can make any combination you like and a power Bible search bookmarklet will be automatically generated on the page for you to use. Almost 500,000 bookmarkable combinations without overlapping each version of English Bible.

Search 5 Bibles @ Once: Go to http://www.holy-bibles.org/search5/Jesus-Christ.htm lets you generate FIVE bible combo search bookmarklets. Over 5,000,000 possible combinations or get another 7.5 million choices with the 5 languages search on http://www.holy-bibles.org/language5.aspx?search=Jesus+Christ (search 5 languages at once).

Search 10 Bibles @ Once: Go to http://www.holy-bibles.org/search10/Jesus-Christ.htm lets you generate TEN bible combo search bookmarklets. Over 75,000,000,000 combinations.


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