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GazoPa is a similar image search service on the web in open beta by Hitachi. Users can search images from the web based on user's own photo, drawings, images found on the web and keywords. GazoPa enables users to search for a similar image from characteristics such as a color or a shape extracted from an image itself. There are abundant quantities of images on the web, however many of these simply cannot be described by keywords. Since GazoPa uses image features to search other similar images, a vast range of images can be retrieved from the web. GazoPa is a new visual search service that can navigate users to new territories on the web.

How to use

1. Open a page with images.
2. After all the images are loaded, click on the bookmarklet (the link added to your bookmark bar)
3. Frames of images on the page becomes blue. "GazoPa search" button appears in a image when mouse cursor is over the image.
4. Click "GazoPa search" button and then you can get search results.

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