Add Sites to Google Reader with Just One Click Bookmarklet

Google doesn't exactly advertise the bookmarklet; here's how to find it:

1. Head to Google Reader and click Settings, Reader settings.

2. Click the Goodies tab, then scroll down until you see Subscribe as you surf.

3. Drag the Subscribe... link to your browser's bookmarks/favorites bar.

That's all there is to it! When you click the bookmarklet (so named because it's a bookmark that performs a special function, rather than just directing you to a page), you'll be taken straight to Google Reader. There you'll see a few key stats about the feed (such as average number of posts per week) and a Subscribe button you click to complete the process.

Okay, so this actually requires two clicks altogether, not one. But to my thinking it's still the fastest and easiest way to subscribe to Google Reader feeds. Give it a whirl!

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